Why Do You Never See Baby Crows? Uncovering the Reason


Crows are known for their Intelligence, Social birds who have a high degree of flexibility . They are social creatures who hunt, stay together to defend them for territory and are very careful to their female and baby crows.

Why Do You Never See Baby Crows

Have you ever thought why don’t you see the baby crows? The most common question I heard was “Do you ever see baby crows?”. The Reason is that the crow which we are seeing are all adults or learning to fly by themselves. As they can fly after 2 to 3 weeks after their gestation. Once the baby crow leaves the nest they can be recognized by their daffy feathers and their broader mouth can let you know their age status.

Without that there are many reasons why you don’t see baby crows. In this article we are going to list out everything and stay tuned until the end.

Nest in Top of Trees

We Know that crows always build their nests at the top of the tree and they choose the populated area and a location where the predators can not reach. Crows even don’t sleep well at night because they sleep while standing. They always have their eye on humans and predators. That’s the main reason why we don’t see them.

Crows Nest in Top of Trees

Spawn Time of A Baby Crow

The time range of gestation starts from 24 March to 1 June and the egg can be laid from 20 March to 20 June which is based on four days of egg laying and 19 days of gestation.

Spawn Time of A Baby Crow

How a Baby Crow Look-Alike

There are varieties of species of crow but all of the chicks are covered by bushy and soft feathers. Some chicks are almost naked and have large bills and the best characteristics are that they have blue eyes which are easy to recognize the chicks and the young crows of them.

Baby Crow Look-Alike

Baby Crows are called as Chicks. When they are born their eyes remain closed and they don’t look so attractive at first but when they are at the age of juvenile they look more fluffy and shaggy. So when they need more warmth, more care because their body is not able to regulate their body on their own.

After 3 to 4 weeks of its age the chick has enough feathers to cover its whole body and the species selected color marks start to show. At that they are strong enough to move and after some days they will be taught how to fly.

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Baby Crows Period of Leaving Their Nest

Like other birds, crows want to be independent as well but they live independent when they are able to fly from their nest. They Live in their as much as five years or maybe longer but some crows stay with their parents at their old age also. But Majority of young birds don’t seem to be with their parents or their parents force them to go out.

Baby Crows Period of Leaving Their Nest

If you want to know what age they are, The baby crow measures 42-48 cm and the largest one measures at 55cm long. And Baby Crow weight will be between 80 and 100 percent of adults body weight can be measured as nearly 30 grams. When they are matured they first start to leave their nest temporarily maybe for a couple of hours. When they are independent they stay for months or years after that they may separate from their parents.

Nature of Baby Crow

All species of baby crows are same they stay in their nest until they learn to fly. When the chick learn to fly the parents try to chase them away to learn new things from the nature. As we know crows are so social that the parents crow want that their chicks should learn about the commodity of their folks and learn how to hunt, how to survive when they are in folks or alone.

Nature of Baby Crow

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do Crows Back to Their Nest When They Are Independent?

    Yes, sometimes actually when they are at a young age they leave their nest for some moment or maybe for One or Two hours. But Maximum crows never come back.

  2. Is It Safe to Climb Up at The Top of The Tree to Hatch Babies?

    Obviously not. Parents don’t leave their child for a moment. They know that the humans and the predators can attack their chicks.


We wish now you have a better concept about why you casually don’t see the baby birds nearby. The biggest reason is that crows build their nests on top of the tree so they can save their chicks from predators or human touch. When you can see that, just be sure that it is an adult or not by its body shape and I am so sure you can see them only when they are adults and trying to learn how to fly but by that time they are still babies.

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