Are Cardinals Rare to See?

are cardinal birds rare

Hey, do you remember our angry birds!! They are known for their beauty, Intelligence, aggression, and the most beautiful thing is their voice. In Summer their beautiful voice can wake you up from bed and that can be your beautiful morning.

You may wonder, are cardinals rare to see? The answer is no. But some of the subspecies of cardinals are on the verge of extinction. However, they are available mostly in North America and some other states of the USA; besides, they are also common in Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize.  They are average looking song birds but whenever I made a feeder in my backyard I saw that they are also there to make my yard more beautiful. But they will be available in your yard when it is the time of winter. Because that time the food resources are not available that’s why I always find them in my yard in winter. Cardinals are recognized as the national bird of Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and 8 more states.

In this article we are going to describe why cardinals are not rare and what kind of cardinals are rare in North America. So please stay tuned with us.

Are Cardinals Really Rare?

In North America if you see the top around you then you will see a bunch of colorful, dynamic birds are moving and chirping from one tree to another and this is the symbol of their gladness. They are so beautiful and active that they will surely attract your eyes.

are red cardinals rare to see

If you are walking around and rarely you hear a beautiful voice and you observe these are the cardinals and there can be a question in your mind “ are they really rare”? But No, actually the most common cardinals which you can see around are red cardinals and their mates also which look brown. A study found that there are 120 million cardinals available, with 99% of northern cardinals found in North America, and the cardinal population has grown since 1966. And They are breeding and more than that and it is increasing day by day.

Which Cardinals Are Going to Be Extinct or Actually rare?

Extinct refers that some species are not so easy to be found or some species are in threat regarding their geographical range. This means that this species is not normally to be found in large numbers or in any state of America. But we believe they really exist but they are not breeding at a good rate so it is nearly impossible to find these species. Let us see some of the species that are nearly extinct :

Yellow Cardinals

A cardinal that has a beautiful yellow plumage has been spotted in Alabama and Illinois. You can differentiate this bird with others with only their unique plumage and they are unable to convert its plumage to red. The researchers said that there are only 10 to 15 yellow cardinals in North America. Their extinctions are increasing just because at a stage they don’t get enough nutrition and the environment is not helping much to meet their needs.

are yellow cardinals real

White Cardinals

Cardinals are those birds which can attract you most and the most unique species you will notice are the white cardinals which are rare in two categories which are albino and leucistic. Eventually Albino are easy to recognize because they are all white, have pink eyes which are not so easy to be found. And in the case of leucistic they are mostly depend how much white they are and rest of color are as usual as like for male that color is red and for female the color is buffy brown. However, according to a study, you might see a white cardinal in every 1,800 cardinals.

Bilateral Gynandromorphism(Half Male/Half female)

Like butterflies, there are some cardinals that have both male and female body organs at the same time. This kind of genetic condition is called bilateral gynandromorphism, and these birds were spotted around Pennsylvania and Texas. These cardinals have the characteristics of both male and female cardinals. A bird enthusiast named Jim Vital shared some images of a bilateral gynandromorph cardinal on Facebook, where we got to see that the right side of that cardinal is a female, which is the tan side, and on the other hand, the left side is a male, which is red. Take a look at the collab images given below.

half male half female bird

Unique Northern Cardinal

There is a species which is a subspecies of Northern Cardinal which can be found in Florida, New Mexico. Normally these cardinals look taller, more red, and they have long crests.

In Which Regions of The USA Can The Cardinals be Found?

Cardinals are normally found in the USA and east part of Mexico. There are nearly 120 million breeding cardinals which is increasing rapidly in these areas. The Growth rate of cardinals started from 1966. Now the Question is in which states you can actually find those angry birds in the US? I used clip art so you can understand more better.

The Northeast

When the wind is blowing at the north that time the Cardinals love to be in the northwest. Mainly in winter you should expect to see them in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The Southeast

We Know cardinals usually love their summer  so they love to be in the southeast where they can meet their desired environment. This spots are normally like Delaware, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and Louisiana.

The Midwest

The most beautiful northern birds which are red can be found in the Midwest mainly in Illinois, Indiana, Lowa, Wisconsin and Ohio.

The Southwest

The researchers found that the large numbers of cardinals  which are  phoenix, Prescott and Tuscan which can be found in Texas and Oklahoma.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Which Kinds of Cardinals Are Mostly Seen in North America?

    Northern Cardinals are mostly seen in North America.

  • Why Can't We See The White Cardinals?

    Because the Researchers said that there was one white cardinal in 1800.

  • Why We Can’t See The Yellow Cardinals?

    There are only 10-15 yellow Cardinals in North America.


So, are cardinals rare to see? For all the Angry bird lovers I want to conclude that I think it’s not so rare to see the cardinals. Cardinals are available in North America and their different regions. But some of the cardinals are Endangered and Extinct so we should research more how we can save them so we can also enjoy the rare one also.

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