Where do Cardinals Build Their Nests?

Where Do Cardinals Build Their Nests

You may have wondered why cardinals build their nests in your yard and you may be confused if this is really a nest of cardinals or not? What does the cardinals’ nest look like? And do Cardinals use the nest boxes? Today you are going to learn how cardinals build their nest and what their nesting behavior is. Let’s discuss it.

Now a question can arise inside you “Where do cardinals build their nests?” Cardinals always prefer to build their nest where they find trees, shrubbery. They build their nests on top of trees or branches of trees where they can be safe from predators. They Build their nests above 10-15 feet from the ground. That’s why maybe it’s hard to get them. And relatively we will also discuss their behavior during nests and about their eggs after hatching so stay tuned with us…..

Where Are Cardinals Nests Located?

We know that cardinals build their nests above 10-15 feet from the ground and they build their nests on top of the tree or in the branches of the tree. They usually build their nests so that they can save them and their families from predators and humans. We know cardinals are so beautiful that even you want to adopt them. Right????

cardinals build their nests above 10-15 feet from the ground

Cardinals also build two nests in a year and they don’t use the previous nests. When their eggs hatch from that time the female cardinals start to find the materials so that they can move to another place. But the cardinals don’t leave the old nests until they don’t build the new nests and the main reason they build new nests is that they don’t want to be targeted by the predators.

Do Cardinals Love To Be In The Artificial Nests?

Cardinals are the kind of birds who always love to be independent and build their nests on their own. But if you are thinking about building a nest by box in your yard then there is a chance in winter. That time cardinals want to stay near the feeder so the male cardinals can feed their female cardinals when they are pregnant or laying their eggs.


So if you want to build an artificial nest you may need a 3 sided box that must be hidden in a shrubby plant and that must be above 4 to 5 feet at least from the ground. You may be concerned about what they are doing in the nest but you can’t always sneak them or they can leave the place, which means you must be aware that you are not disturbing them. You also have to be concerned that you set the box that can save them from the sun. If the female cardinal likes your placement of the box, they will build the nest. Whenever the breeding season is over you can clean the box and set the box again. Maybe next coming winter the cardinals can build their nests in your yard.

Do Cardinals Also Have Family Responsibilities?

We humans belong from a reputed family and we have our parents who have their responsibilities. Our god made every creature  with some ethics and every creature loves to do that. So like every creature cardinals also have a family and they always maintain their family. The Female cardinals are responsible for building their nest. Females always collect the materials like paper, grass Etc.


The period of this trip the male cardinals guard their females so that they can be safe from predators and other male cardinals. I think maybe other male cardinals will try to flirt with them. It’s funny right? That means the cardinals can also be possessive like humans. When the females lay eggs that time the females don’t  go out for food that time the male cardinals return again and again so that the females don’t have to go out for the food. That time the male cardinals also protect their nests from the predators like many predators can attack them to snatch their eggs from them.

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When Cardinals Incubate Eggs?

All Cardinals lay their eggs in the period of March to September and the female can lay 2-5 eggs in every breeding season. After the egg is laid by the female, she will spawn the eggs so the eggs can be hatched. The male cardinals don’t give warmth to the eggs, the male will guard the female cardinals and feed them timely just because they are so conscious about their females.


What Does A Cardinal Nest Look Like?

Cardinals build their nest in many trees, vines and shrubs and they select different kinds of trees which can meet their needs which are pines, cedars, maples, dogwoods and more. The size of the nest is about 4” x 3 ” and looks like an up and layered with leaves. The female may spend 3 to 9 days to build the nest. The male cardinals also help the female to find the materials but the female Is the main builder of the nest.


Now we will discuss our main three elements to complete the cardinals nest. The Table will describe the following :

Nest Platform– Build a platform on a cluster of branches.
– Platform is made with stiff plant stems.
– Sits on the platform then bends them around her body.
Nest outer layer– Construct the cup using a smooth layer of dead leaves.
– Paper and plastic can be used in this layer.
– She press this layer with her body to make the shape
Nest Inner layer– This layer consists of fine bark materials.
– Weed stems in small diameter are used
Nest lining– Final layer consists of rootless and grass stems.
– They use animal fur and non-organic nesting materials.
– Finally she presses the nest to make it in her shape.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Why Don’t Cardinals Build Their Nest in The Ground?

    Cardinals usually build their nest 10-15 feet above from the ground so they can save themselves.

  • Will The Cardinals Stay in My Yard?

    Usually they don’t seek homes but if you set a feeder and make a home as their requirements  that is how they can stay.


Cardinals are the most recognized and famous birds in the USA. The male and female cardinals are so responsible with their families. Like humans they also maintain ethics and complete their responsibilities so they can make their children like them. They also can be your friends if you set a feeder and build a nice beautiful house for them and maintain their nesting criteria so that you can enjoy them regularly.


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