Do Crows Attack Cats? An Expert Explains


Do crows attack cats? Without any reason, crows do not usually attack adult cats but crows also think that cats are a threat to their territory, eggs, and young. Crows are so protective of their territory and family. And because of that, crows might attack cats sometimes. Generally, fights between crows and cats take place during the crows breeding season.

Do Crows Attack Cats?

Cats are popular as hunters of birds as they often hunt and even catch wild birds sometimes. On the other hand, crows are intelligent and fearless Corvidae. It is very common that if someone is concerned his/her cat may suddenly be attacked by these birds. Now in below we are going to discuss the reason for crow attacks on cats.

In Breeding Season

The breeding seasons of crows mainly are May, June, and July. During the breeding season, if crows are near or attempt to relocate a crow’s nest, its brood, or eggs, the crows will simply display their mobbing behavior. If at that moment cats are nearby, especially in the open or alone, crows will definitely attack them.


In Non-breeding Season

During the non-breeding season (without  May, June, and July), crows may harass other animals, especially cats, for no reason, but only for fun. Actually, for them, it seems to be very interesting. Maybe this kind of aggressive behavior is quite common in their behavioral psyche.

Pulling Cats Tail

crows sometimes instigate fights intentionally. Crows pull cats by the tail, and cats and crows attack each other immediately after the tail is pulled. It looks like displacement behavior. Cats get angry when their tails are pulled, and because they can’t get the cunning crows, they attack each other.

Does Crow Eat Kittens?

Crows very rarely attack cats or kittens to eat them. Though crows are capable of this. If we look at the record there is a lot of evidence. Crows are scavengers and they may eat dead cats as carrion. Because they are omnivores. So crows would eat cats or kittens as soon as they got the chance.

Does Crow Eat Kittens

Without these, if any kitten gets closest to the nest even unintentionally they will be attacked by crows instantly because crows are very concerned about their chicks. As cat owners, we will need to be careful about letting our kittens go outside. We should keep our kitten inside our home at least during the breeding season. Cat owners should let their cats go out after six months of their age.

Do Crows Eat Cat Food?

Crows are known to be omnivores, meaning that they eat both animals and plants. So, the answer to the question “Do Crows Eat Cat Food?” is yes, they do. However, it is not their preferred meal. Crows usually prefer to eat things like insects, grains, berries, and small animals. Cat food may be a good source of protein for them, but it should not be the only food that they eat. Providing a variety of foods for crows is important for their overall health and wellbeing.

Crow Can Kill Cats?

Crows never try to kill a cat without any previous thought they are capable of doing so. This depends on the size of the cat and physically how strong or weak the cat is.  crows generally attack in a group for large predators. This is also known as mobbing.

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Preventing Crow From Attacking Cats:

When your cat comes into contact with a crow, a fight may happen. If you want to prevent crows from attacking your cat, there are some simple but efficient techniques we can use. And it will work for other predator birds too

Avoid The Territory of Crows

As we already know, crows usually attack cats in backyards or open places. If they build nests around them. Therefore we should figure out the territory of crows. Look for some trees or bushes where crows usually build their nest. Once we find one, we have to avoid that particular area and keep our cat away from it.

Motion-activated Sprinklers

If we are willing to keep our cat away from crows, we can install motion-activated sprinklers in our yard. We can Use them to create a buffer zone between the cat and the crows.


The easiest technique is to knot small bells around our cat’s collar to alert crows and other predators to your cat’s presence. Therefore, the crows are less likely to interact with the cat and take a different route.

Hiding Crow-friendly Feeders

If you have multiple bird feeders in your yard, remove crow-friendly feeders that may attract crows to your yard, or hang them in places which are out of reach. But sometimes removing bird feeders is not a good idea; it will be problematic for other bird species too. Hiding all crow-friendly food, keeping your food trash and garden compost in a dustbin. Making periodic loud noises or playing recordings of crow predators can also be a good solution 

Owl Trap And Snake Baits

We can use owl traps or snake baits in our yard to keep crows away. These things will be great for keeping crows away from our property. Fake crows, the things we used for Halloween decorations should also work for a time to keep crows away. Fakes of others will not be an efficient solution for the long term

Keep Your Cat Inside Your Home

Most importantly, we should keep our cats inside during the breeding season. If you have a kitten, don’t let him go outdoors before he’s six months old. Make a playground for him inside the home. Give your cat toys, DIY cat shelves, scratching posts, puzzles, and cat food.

Build A Cover or A Cat House

Maybe we can build a cat house or a cover in your backyard to protect your cat from attacks by crows.


So finally we can say, crow attacks on cats it’s not a very unexpected thing. Crows in a flock are a great threat to cats, especially to kittens. So if we have a cat we should keep it away from crows and if possible we should keep it inside our home.

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