What Does It Mean When Crows Gather Your House?

What Does It Mean When Crows Gather Your House

People have mixed concepts about crows, some people like them and some do not like this creature because of its annoying nature. Sometimes we see single or in flock crows sitting or roaming around our house. When these birds gather around our house it also has a different meaning, some people take crows as a messenger and some think crows are a sign of their ancestors.

But if we think practically, crows are usually gathered around our house if they find a good source of food or water nearby to our house and most commonly if a dead crow is in our backyard.

Messages Crows Brought Into Your House

According to many cultures, crows have a deeper meaning, from their point of view crows carry good or bad messages both for our future. The maximum time we see four, five, six  or many more crows together instead of one because crows usually move from one place to another in a flock. And these numbers signify the message. So when crows gather into your house what message it brought for you it depends on the numbers.

Number of Crows                          Signifying message
Single crowIf u see a single crow around your house this is a sign of bad luck and destruction. Some believe that a single crow ‘caw’ is a sign of your disbalance in life.
A pairUsually, two crows carry good news for our life, if someone sees a couple of crows mating or tiffin together it also makes that person’s relationship more loveable with his/her loved ones. A pair of crows is a symbol of good fortune.
Three crowsIt signifies “the universe is going to bless you” it means good blessing and good health that will make your body healthy and make your mind joyful. 
Four crowsJust like three, when you observe four crows in front of your house it  also symbolizes prosperity, good luck and abundance.
Five crowsFive crows around our house signifies illness and bad health. It means he needs to be more careful about his health.
Six CrowsIt indicates a robbery is going to happen on your property soon.
Seven crowsIf someone sees seven crows near their house it means the person is going to travel soon or the person might be shifted into a new place.
Eight or many moreEight crow means sorrow and grief are knocking at your door.
Murder of crowsIf murder of crows happens in your or nearby house it means death in that property.

Spiritual message

Crows are mythical and intelligent creature and according to some forums, crows signifies wisdom and civilization. Sometimes they give us a spiritual message too.

Crows sometimes indicate the transformation of life. When we are in a stressful and struggling period of our life and if at that moment, we notice a crow we can take it as a message from god/almighty that we need to make changes in our life by developing some good habits.

According to some believers, crows signify following spiritual message-

  • Purify our minds.
  • Think about ourselves.
  • Personal developments.
  • Manifest our hunger.

Because sometimes we are so busy with the daily life activities that we don’t have time for ourselves to think about what are we doing and sometimes we started to do overthinking, especially when we are in a toxic environment, spotting a crow also gives us a message that we should step back, think about our personal development and purify our mind with positive thoughts. In some bad phase of our life we feel bad luck stuck in our life, spotting crows gives us signs that good times are coming and we should manifest our desire.

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Practical sides

By keeping mythological things on one side we think rationally crows gather in our house for the following reason-

Food resource

If your area has lots of trash, food waste compost, pet food leftovers, and chicken firms then that can use it as a potential food resource and it must be a major reason for crows to come into your area and gather in front of your house. And crows are omnivores, so they eat almost everything including corpses, eggs, nuts, scraps, etc.

Crows Gather in House

Roost for The Nights

The houses with tall trees in their garden or yard attract crows and other birds too much. Roosting is a bird’s gesture of sleeping and resting in a group. So for roosting crows select a tall tree. Because it gives them security from predators and they can easily acknowledge the food source. Roosting in a tall tree also makes mating and getting warmth easy for them.

Water Sources

If there is a pond, lake or any other water source nearby your house, it will attract them to gather in front of or nearby to your house. Especially a pond is a very likable water source for crows but if it is only a small birdbath they usually don’t give that much focus to it.

Past Grudges

Crows have a very good record for holding grudges, crows hold grudges for more than two years. If someone did any harm to them in the past, there is a strong possibility that they might mob that person’s house because they are very good at recognizing faces.

Dead crow and Goodbye

Somehow if any dead body gets fallen into anyone’s yard or garden crows might gather and surround the dead body. This is a very familiar scenery for us, some people believe crows do funerals just like humans but some research actually wants to find out the reason for their death which can be a reason for their death too.


When they feel some danger or predators then start to do “caw caw” constantly, gather others and alert them about danger so they can take protection.


So crows gather in front of someone’s house for several reasons. If you like crow gathering you can offer them food and if it is disturbing you can hang owls, shiny objects or install bird spikes to scare them away.

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