Why Do Crows Make Noise at night? 8 Surprising Reasons


Have you ever heard crows cawing at night? Suddenly If you hear that crows cawing rapidly and the sound is getting louder then there must be something dangerous aside from them. Crows are very social that when they can see anything unusual they start to alert their folks and the main reason they stay together is to save their folks from predators.

There are also many other reasons why crows don’t sleep at night and why this happens.  We will discuss the reasons why they make noise at midnight.

Why Do Crows Make Noise at night?

The main reason crows make noise at night is to protect their territory. Crows are very territorial animals and they are known to make a lot of noise when they feel their territory is being threatened. They will also make noise to alert other crows of potential danger.

There are many other reasons why crows make noise at night. Below are some of the most common:

Natural disaster


Crows are intelligent like other birds and the researcher proves that. Whenever crows can see that there are any kind of storm coming or they can sense any kind of disaster they will start cawing. Crows always try to save their baby and female crows from the disaster. They alert all the Folks to be united and save them from disaster.

Predators Nearby

Most of the time the crows caw in folks just because they feel the danger near them. The Folks want to save their roost from predators when there are babies or females who are pregnant and the females don’t go to search for food. So the male crow always Sleep stands in guard to save them from the predators like Snake, Black Horned owl, Racoon, kite.

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Missing of a folk

Crows are the most friendly and sociable bird that communicate well toward their mates. When a crow calls, the others  will reply but in case of you see that a single crow is cawing then that must be it has been separated from their folk and trying to find his roost. That time the crow  must be trying to find someone to help.

Babies Hatched out

Have you ever seen baby crows? Obviously it is rare to see them just because the parent crows build their nests on top of the tree or buildings, that’s how they can keep their babies safe.

When the babies came out from the nest at that time there may not be any other way to defend them. That’s why they crawl loudly to make their territory.

Negative Power

It is a rumor that crows can see spirits and the spirits want to harm those who may see them. So Some people believe that they can feel the negative energy and whenever they caw at night that means something harmful or misfortune is coming.


Crows normally build their roost where they can find a large tree or big top building in a populated area. They also believe that the predators or negative energy can harm them in a rural area and they maintain a group so that they can call each other whenever they feel danger.

Seek for attention

Sometimes crows are cawing just because they want attention from their folks. Whenever they communicate with each other they just caw and that’s also happened. You should understand that crows are trying to seek attention from the female crow.

Assurance of their appearance

Whenever you can hear crows screaming continuously that means it is angry or wants to scare anyone from their folks and wants to warn him about his territory. That time if you observe them while they are cawing rapidly that means there is a clash between them.

Mating season

In Asia crows lay eggs in the breeding season which is April to June. In this period of time if you hear that a crow is making too much noise in the middle of the night that must be because they are in a couple and that is their breeding season. And crows make alarm calls to people by generating a few rumpus. Whenever you may sleep or awake you will be aware of their racket.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Do They Kill The Predators?

    When they are alone they may not harm any of the predators but maybe when they have their folks together they may harm them.

  2. Do Crows Communicate At Night?

    Yes, they can communicate with each other because the folks stay nearly in a group.

  3. Do Crows Crawl At Midnight For Spiritual Negative Power?

    No. This Is just a rumor that people believe that if they crawl at night that might be the sign of death.


In Final words we can conclude that crows crawl in the morning and after whenever they feel danger or whenever they want to teach the babies how to fly, how to eat food or to make their territory towards their opponent.

We know crows are intelligent and beautiful with some of their habits and they are so social that they always take care of each other. And if you hear any of cawing at night just don’t be worried because maybe they are facing some predators or they are doing any communication.

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